4 Things To Remember Before Flipping A House

Use the Proper Fasteners

It’s tempting for home renovators to try and cut costs by opting for low-quality screws, but this is largely considered by Boulder deck professionals to be ill-advised. Cheap screws deteriorate relatively quickly, corroding over time and effectively discoloring the deck and cutting its life span. It’s highly recommended for homeowners to use coated or stainless-steel screws, especially if they’re working with pressure-treated wood.

Make Sure the Support is Hidden

This point depends largely on the homeowner in question, but as a general rule, it’s advised that renovators ensure that all their deck support is hidden from immediate view. While some homeowners enjoy the rustic look of exposed screwheads on their decks, most tend to want to keep these and any other fasteners out of sight. Hidden fasteners offer a clean, uniform finish over the deck’s surface. It’s advised that homeowners seek council with their preferred Boulder decking professional for more information on hiding a deck’s support.

Pick the Right Decking Materials

Homeowners currently in the market for a new deck have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to decking materials. Again, these all depend on the unique preferences of the homeowner. There are pressure-treated cedars and redwoods for the real wood purists, and composite decking as well as a variety of other synthetic decking materials like vinyl are available to those looking for a more modern, alternative deck. In all cases, it’s advised that homeowners bring home with them a sample of the material they’re considering, test it out in the backyard, and try to envision what the final deck will look like.

Choose the Railings Well

In any home renovation project, the true allure is in the details. While a deck’s railings only account for a small portion of the deck’s area, choosing the perfect railings for the deck can largely accentuate the deck’s overall aesthetic impression. Homeowners in the market for a deck today have a wide array of railing options to consider, from glass and metal to vinyl and composites.

Leveling is Key

When it comes to Boulder lumber projects, the importance of sound leveling in all areas cannot be understated. Building a deck with the proper amount of levels is fundamental to the deck functioning optimally. If more room is needed, most homeowners would gravitate immediately to the initial option of building a larger platform, whereas simply adding extra levels to the deck would largely improve the deck’s practicality. Having extra levels allows the deck to compartmentalize to specific needs; for instance, a deck’s main level can be where the barbecue and dining section are located, whereas a lower level could be website a lounging zone where guests can enjoy cocktails or play a game of cards.

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